Zebra Nails Designs

Zebra nail designs are the most trending among other animal designs. We see zebra designs more than any other animal designs in almost all cases, like clothes, shoes, glasses, pants, accessories and, of course, nails. I have been asked to write about zebra design print nails for quite some time.

So today, I will talk about some zebra nail designs for you. Zebra print design is trendy and simple at the same time. It can be said to be a hassle-free way to make your fashion statement. Nowadays, zebra nail designs are popular, along with other animal designs. So if you are looking for animal print nails, then zebra print should be considered. One of the characteristics of zebra print is its black-and-white striped spots that are as unique as our finger pins. Zebra print is as flashy as it is classic. You can wear this design in any formal or informal situation. Zebra nails can be designed in many ways. We will discuss the best designs for you in this blog.

How to Draw Zebra Print on Nails?


We are going to share with you how you can easily design zebra nails at home. Creating zebra nail designs at home is easy; you will need a few materials. You will need white polish, black polish, a brush, and a topcoat, usually found in almost everyone’s home. 

1. We are going to start with white nail polish. In this case, you should use suitable white polish.

2. Apply a white polish all over your nail until it’s dry before going on with the next step.

3. You will need a black polish for this step. In this case, take your favourite black nail polish.

4. Dip the thin brush into the black polish.

5. Start making the lines on your nails. You can make thin or thicker lines. Just make whatever you think looks best. 

6. We are going to apply a topcoat. Apply the topcoat without putting too much pressure. 

Our manicure is done now. Just waiting for drying. And this is the result when the topcoat is dry. Some ideas for zebra manicure design are given below.

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